Robinhood App Redesign


This is a redesign case study is for the KP Design Fellowship Design Challenge 2021, and the prompt was to “Redesign a feature from any of the companies participating in the Fellows Program.”

I decided to redesign the Robinhood app for the challenge since I used the app before and am already a big fan of its pretty & intuitive interface, well-designed interactions, and simple investing experience. 😃

​I mainly focused on redesigning the main portfolio & watchlist page and messages (transaction history) page in hopes to provide a more organized & user-friendly experience.


4 days


UX design, Interaction design


Design challenge


🏆 KP Fellowship Finalist



Why did I choose to redesign the Robinhood app?

My boyfriend is a huge fan of finance and investment in college, and he started using Robinhood as his first investing app during quarantine. Nowadays, his day starts with checking his stock prices on the Robinhood app and he talks about them all through the day. He introduced me to the app and I was really impressed by the design and Robinhood's mission of bringing finance to all (including me who never learned about finance and investment). I want to challenge myself to think critically and help design a better experience for its users. 


Given the short span of time (I learned about the program very late 😢), I didn't have enough time to send out surveys and interview more users. Instead, I did one in-depth interview with my boyfriend (who uses the app on a daily basis), and I found that there were many great user feedbacks from the App store -- a lot of helpful insights from actual users!

App Store comments from users


Current designs & Interview walkthrough

Portfolios & Watchlists


Transaction history


Key takeaways ✏️

Portfolios & Watchlists

  • There is NO way to SORT the portfolios and watchlists. The default orders were sorted by buy time and can only be organized by dragging & dropping.

  • Users want to see more summarized information and utilize the usage of LISTS.

  • The watchlists are neither COMPREHENSIVE nor EFFICIENT

Transaction history

  • It would be really helpful to track TRANSACTION histories individually and be able to SORT

  • Users want to feel like they are dealing with humans and be able to contact for HELP immediately.

How can I improve the app design?

From my takeaways and the interview, I realized that most of the needs lie in the portfolios & watchlists and the transaction/messages spaces, and I decided to focus on the 2 features. In summarization, here's the question I want to solve:

How can I improve users' experience with the Robinhood app by introducing a more organized portfolios & watchlists page and a detailed transaction page that showcases useful information?


1. Making the portfolios & watchlists more organized

Ideas & possible solutions


Final redesign


Redesigned features

  1. Drop down to select different list views (e.g. investing, watchlist).

  2. Selection filter for types of investments.

  3. An overview of investment distribution based on categories/sectors of stocks.

  4. A visual graph to see the trend of the stock sector.

  5. Sorting dropdown for portfolios.

  6. Moved the news to the bottom of the page since it is less necessary than data & numbers, also changed them to related news according to users' portfolios.

2. Adding the transaction feature and ability to sort/filter

Final redesign


Redesigned features

  1. Renamed "messages" to "transaction history".

  2. Added a search bar to search for certain transactions.

  3. A filter for all/buy/sell transactions.

  4. List of all transactions in chronological order.

  5. Chat with the company of the transaction -- added one customer service link that would lead to real-person conversations and customer support.



Portfolios & Watchlists

  • Task 1: Change the list view to "Investing"

  • Task 2: Sort all the stocks in your portfolio

  • Task 3: Choose the "Tech, Media, & Telecom" sector for stocks and view the updates

  • Task 4: Switch to view you ETFs

  • Task 5: Check the news at the bottom of the page that's related to your stocks

Transaction History

  • Task 1: Switch tab to see only your buy in transactions

  • Task 2: Search for transactions with a specific company

  • Task 3: Click into one transaction, read messages from the company, and contact consumer service


  • Visuals speak more than words

My first impression of the Robinhood app was how simple it is. As I continue on to look deeper into the app, I was shocked to find out that the simple app carries on such complex features. The Robinhood app really stood from the users' perspectives and utilized the simplest interface to provide seamless investment experiences. Visuals speak more than words, I learned from the app that the tradeoff of having the simplest visuals than words/charts is worth it.

  • Organize, organize, organize

My redesign challenge really taught me to think about how to keep my designs organized. When going through the app store feedbacks, I was really alarmed by the comments demanding a more organized experience. In Google Design's case study on the Robinhood app, it talked about the importance of visual hierarchy in the app, and I tried to incorporate that by dividing the page into sections accordingly. Stay neat, stay organized -- one of my biggest takeaways from the design experience.

  • How can I do better?

Having the redesign project completed in 3 days, there's definitely so much that I can improve on. First of all, since I mentioned the visual hierarchy, I believe that I can do better with the section divisions and making it clear to users where to look at given all the information. Secondly, my way of organizing the portfolios and watchlists created more clicking tasks for the users and I believe there should be more elegant ways to address the organizing issue. Also, my solution to adding a customer service chat button does not necessarily solve the problem of the lack of customer support. Last but not least, I did not have enough time to design more screens and better explain my thought process and design progress :'(

However, I had great fun working with the Robinhood app and actually learning more about finance and investment -- 10/10 weekend!


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