Summer 2020  |  Club Co-Founder & President



Design@Duke is a student organization at Duke University focusing on design thinking and innovation with the mission to build up a strong design community.


One night in bed, I was having trouble falling asleep so I started thinking about problems and ideas to help me improve (sounds very hardcore but I do like to think and daydream a lot lol). From my summer internship experience working as a full-stack web developer, I realized that I enjoyed coding and especially the front-end work a lot. However, sometimes it did feel like a lot of my work was to implement something that was well-thought and planned, and I was missing out on the planning and brainstorming ideas. After talking to a lot of friends, mentors, professors, I realized that the process of solving problems was the thing that fascinated me the most, and I never knew that a lot of the work of designers was to practice problem-solving.

I read a lot of blogs and articles from UX designers, watched many videos and tutorials about design, and was inspired to learn more and prepare myself to pursue design.

I came up with the idea of starting a design club at Duke while I was researching for courses and resources at Duke about design and human-computer interaction. It shocked me that there are barely any faculties or resources on campus dedicated to design or design thinking (there are specific facilities about related fields such as graphic design, engineering design, coding courses, but all scattered around). I hope to create an organization and community that brings students and faculties who are interested in design closer. I hope the club can serve as a platform for mentorship, learning, resources, and meaningful projects forming.

Problem & Question

There aren't any design-related formal community and enough resources at Duke

How can we form a strong design community to support students with various interests?


At Design@Duke, we aim to build a stronger community for students interested in design by 

  1. serving as a hub of resources (workshops, speakers, courses, etc) 

  2. building a faculty-alumni-student network

  3. inspiring people to explore different opportunities and careers


Coming Soon ... 

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